Revamped Illuminati Parti Planner (Hardcore conspiracy theorist addition)


So this is a revamp of my original Illuminati Parti Planner. Which was intended to be a guide for someone who didn’t really know much about the conspiracy but wanted to throw a party for it anyways (stupid I know). This version of the parti planner will focus much more on Illuminati association and themes. Such as symbols and other things that the Illuminati tend to be associated with such as skulls and owls according to conspiracy theorists. Heres a totally legit and not at all crazy website telling you about some and these videos of two totally legit super real and not at all con artists, psychic twins telling you about some of their imagery (an: I do believe in psychics. I don’t believe these two, in particular, are legit. I believe in psychics but there are so many f***ng fakers lets be real here. money is money.). Here we go kiddos.

The Decor

Illuminati Sigh Wall Vinyl Decal All Seeing Eye Sticker Decor Living Room Wall Murals Housewares 1(isn)Eye Decal A  23.99

Witchy owl Wall TapestryOwl Wall tapestry 30.00

Ominous Green Eyeball PillowEyeball Pillow 17.00

Rabbit art, rabbit lamp, rabbit decor, rabbit room art, rabbit decorations, rabbit gift, rabbit office, rabbit artwork, rabbit signsRabbit Lamp49.99

All Seeing Eye Wall Decal Illuminati Art Vinyl Poster Interior Design Home Graphics Decor Eye Of Providence Mural Decorative Sticker (5asee) Eye Decal B 23.75

Bunting Baphomet. Banners. Fabric Bunting. Illuminati. Baphomet banner 27.00

Skull pillows/double print skull image/fab208nyc/skull print/fab208/grey pillow/pink skull printSkull pillow 35.00

Owl Nightlight, Owl Art, Kids Nightlight, Light Box, Lighting, Home Decor, Nightlight, Personalized, Personalized Owl Sign, Owl Sign  Owl Light 49.99

Illuminati Pillow Cover. Illuminati. Decorative Pillow. Organic Cotton Pillow. Insert not includedIlluminati pillow A 30.00

Medium Pink Honeycomb Diamond 18 inchDimond Wall hanging 6.99


Shungite Pyramid 1,97"  Stone Top Quality Gemstone EMF Protection Home Decor Gift Decoration Crafts  Chakra Healing Crystal ReikiPyramid Decoration 6.99

Diamond Illustrated Gem Paper Banner, Garland, nursery, office decor, drawing Gem Banner 12.00

ILLUMINATI DOTWORK Wall TapestryWall TapestryClear 30.00


The food



Eye of Providence cookie cutter | All Seeing eye of God Symbol triangle biscuit cutters eyes mason Masonic icon Illuminati pyramid FreemasonCookie Cutter For Illuminati COOKIES 11.00

if you do this send me pics or vids plz!

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